Tuesday, January 4, 2011

End of the day reflection

Today we had done quite a number of activity, most which are games while some are actually educational.
We played group games such as 'murderer' and 'blow wind blow', both which in require us to work together, thus bonding us together. The schedule for the day is usually briefing. We have learn quite a lot from our form teacher, Mr Nooh, he teaches us about the 3Rs (roles, responsibility and rights). We also learn how to take care of our macbook although we ourselves give the answer. We also learn more from our new classmates. I came to sst because of my interest in technology and science, as the the name of the school suggest, further more it got a small class size cause I myself prefer a small class. My aspiration is to make myself useful to the school. I have grown to be a more responsible person in taking care of my own belonging.

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